Pében is a self-taught artist born in France in 1961.

His sculptures are made up of objects of the same type that are modified or deformed. These objects are held together with metal cables stretched from one side to the other of a Plexiglas box that makes it possible to keep the sculptures at a distance from the box’s walls, as though they were suspended in air.
Pében’s Plexiglas sculptures can be placed on a support or hung on the wall.

Three ideas form the basis of his artistic approach:

The recuperation of the object brings out the value of cult objects that bear witness to human activity in our century. They are connected to a function and it is in fact by diverting the object from its original function that it can be given a second life.

Putting together identical objects provides the sculpture with a certain unity, but each element has a specific place and role. Some objects are accentuated and have a greater importance while others exist only in that they belong to the group.

The suspension in space and the transparent frame are designed to make time, that is frozen, palpable. Each sculpture seems to have captured a movement that has been intentionally stopped so that the observer finds himself in a situation in which time and its imperatives are no longer relevant. So he can appreciate the forms and the colors and capture the coded message that has been emitted.

Pében’s sculptures are born out of these ideas, object after object; stuck in our space-time, in the closeness of these glass walls, the sculpture-installation delivers the message.